What We Do

B Team Construction

We build equity for all.

B Team Construction

Complimentary Services

  • Cost and time studies at project planning stages
  • 3rd party project risk assessments, including schedule analysis and diagnosis
  • Project owner training:
    • Contractor Selection
    • Pay Application Review
    • Schedule Review
    • Budget Review
    • Submittal and RFI Participation

Construction Services

Pre – Construction

  • Constructability Review
  • Value Engineering
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cash Curve / Cash Flow Modelling
  • Procurement Plans

General Contracting

  • Design / Build
  • CM @ Risk
  • Cost-Plus
  • Integrated Project Delivery
B Team Construction

Science Services

Data Analytics for Project Progression
The B Team Sciences division will analyze project data and provide suggestions for improvement and future issue-avoidance. This analysis can produce meaningful corrections months before real problems are recognized, helping to avoid needless headaches and millions of dollars in waste.

Schedule and Production Review
Using our proprietary schedule analysis algorithm, B Team Sciences will predict a project’s forecasted completion date using onsite production data. To date, our algorithm has correctly predicted outcomes on $300M in projects with a 2% margin of error (maximum 120 days from scheduled project completion). If issues are found, this can help project teams take early corrective action to better achieve stated targets.

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