As a licensed general contractor, we regularly utilize our internally developed algorithms to help keep projects on track and to avoid cost overruns. During preconstruction and prior to submitting any bid, they help us to identify jobs that are statistically likely to fail so that we do not accept adverse contracts. Once ground is broken, these algorithms continue to guide our decision making, assisting us in proactively identifying and correcting problems before they become untenable. Our R&D team regularly collects and analyzes jobsite data which helps us to further refine our models, while also providing a foundation on which to incrementally build the B Team platform.

The Reimagining of the Construction Labor Market

The B Team platform software obsoletes the need for the general contractor. As a freemium service, clients upload their project data into our portal. Our AI tools automate quantity take offs for every trade and aspect of the job while building a project schedule and its associated critical path tasks. Our risk algorithm identifies and flags any significant issues so that the owner is aware of them and can implement mitigation strategies. Once the project is approved, subcontractors access our platform to see which jobs are available, how much they can earn, and how long the job is expected to take. Upon project commencement, all stakeholders can use the B Team platform to monitor jobsite progress. Transparency of cost and schedule is always available.