Who We Are

At B Team Construction, our fundamental purpose is to build equity for each and every one of our stakeholders. Equity can be defined in terms of assets and fairness, and we believe that both are important. Beginning with the obvious, we literally build equity by executing on our construction contracts. Leveraging novel technologies, transparency, and multiple profit-sharing opportunities, our clients, subcontractors, employees, and investors directly realize this physical equity in their pockets and balance sheets. Our complimentary services create additional value for our partners, while providing team members with developmental opportunities.

Intrinsically, building equity is a much more nuanced and subjective idea. At B Team, we believe that this starts with servant leadership which fosters organizational trust, emphasizes innovation, aligns our collective vision, and ultimately empowers our team to make independent decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders. We seek out and cultivate employees with a growth mindset who are simultaneously curious, driven, and empathetic. Our internal training and development processes are designed to increase and quantify both hard and soft skills, allowing for incentives, rewards, and advancements based entirely on merit. All of this sets us uniquely apart from the majority of our competition, positioning us to abandon traditionally dysfunctional methodologies in favor of novel innovations and solutions for the myriad of challenges currently encumbering our industry.

B Team Construction

Our Founders

B Team Construction is a construction technology company founded in 2020 by two industry veterans, a cancer research scientist, and a pair of software engineers. With a focus on data collection and analysis, this rare group of cross disciplinary experts has positioned the company to disruptively approach traditional construction problems in unique and innovative ways.
Frank Bejarano

Frank Bejarano


Frank graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2003 with a BS in Construction Management, and a minor in Computer Information Systems. He has since accumulated more than $2 Billion in construction experience across the Municipal, Multifamily, Justice, and Defense sectors. Frank has held positions of leadership in multiple companies, including that of Chief Operations Officer.

During his tenure, Frank’s understanding of coding and algorithms led him to follow the evolution of Big Data and Analytics. His interest and subsequent research in those fields helped him to uniquely envision how many of those core concepts could be applied to the construction industry. He hypothesized and then field-tested several theories, and upon realizing the insights could produce real change, Frank left his career as a construction executive to establish B Team.

Hobbies: Wood Working, Hydroponic Gardening, Arduino Tinkering

Kris Comon

Kris Comon

- Operations Director

Starting as an intern with a tier one contractor, KC has been involved with over $1 Billion in work spanning more than 26 years. He received his BS in Construction Management from the NAU College of Engineering in 2002, and has since led a well-rounded portfolio of projects including high rise office spaces, educational institutions, multifamily living communities, detention centers, airport renovations, and high-security government facilities.

KC and Frank met in the classroom, and have remained friends and colleagues. Over time, he has watched the industry move away from accurate scheduling and budget forecasting, leading to missed deadlines and uncontrolled cost overruns. As a co-founder and Director of Operations, KC strives to implement the B Team vision while leading and training a new generation of builders who share his love of the entire process.

Hobbies: B Team Adventure Seeker, Offroad Racing, Camping, Travelling

Dave Legendre

David LeGendre


David and Frank met in 2001 while working together as computer lab operators at Northern Arizona University. He graduated in 2006 with honors, and received a BS in Computer Science with minors in Mathematics and German. David spent the next 15 years working in Enterprise Mainframe Computing for IBM and Wells Fargo, during which time he led many technical projects and earned multiple software patents.

When Frank began working to formalize his ideas on the applicability of Big Data and Analytics to the construction industry, David was immediately intrigued. The two spent countless hours translating and refining his findings into a framework of algorithms to better standardize these new processes. David joined Frank full time at B Team in September of 2021.

Hobbies: Camping & Fishing, Music (performing / writing / recording), NES Tetris

Adrian Murillo

Adrian Murillo

- Chief Scientist

Prior to his role as B Team’s Chief Scientist, Adrian worked at Roche Tissue Diagnostics for more than 19 years holding positions ranging from manufacturing to leadership to research and development. He received undergraduate degrees in both Biochemistry and Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona in 2003, and in 2008, Adrian earned his Professional Science Master’s in Applied Biosciences with an emphasis in statistics. He holds multiple patents in related fields.

Adrian and Frank have been friends since grade school. In the years preceding B Team’s official founding, Frank would regularly consult with Adrian to validate whether his theories were supported by project data. These discussions, and their implied potential for innovation, ultimately convinced Adrian to lend his expertise to the B Team vision.

Hobbies: Hiking, Gaming, Solving Puzzles